All About Me

Iris Montgomery, MBA – I am a Database Architect and recent MBA graduate from Devry University

I reside in Gwinnett County which is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and originally from Mississippi. During my younger years, I stayed in Germany with my Mom, Dad and Brother. My Dad was actively in the Army which had us traveling until 1981. From 1981 to 1989, I lived in Fort Jackson and Columbia, SC with my Mom and Brother. I graduated in 1989, started attending college but quickly had to leave the state for Mississippi so my Mom could care for my Grandmother.

I spent a very long 17 years in Mississippi where I achieved an Associates and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. I worked for the State of Mississippi as a Data Control Clerk and Computer Operator. I left the State of Mississippi to work for EDS as an Advanced Computer Operator but eventually went back to working at the Mississippi Insurance Department as a Programmer Analyst. At that job, I started a long IT career until I left for Maryland.

I spent 3 years in Maryland and worked an extremely vigorous position as a Custom Reports Manager and Database Administrator. In Mississippi, I had never worked so hard. It was a very stressful job but I quickly learned some skills that were transferred to the current job that I have now.

I was recently promoted to a Database Architect at RPC Inc. after being a Database Administrator for almost 9 years. While working at RPC Inc., I was able to achieve a goal of attending Devry University Keller School of Management where I received an MBA with a concentration in Information Technology Management. Update in 2020: I graduated with a second masters degree in Information Technology Management (MITM).


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