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Surviving 2020 into 2021

So much has happened between 2020 and 2021. Thankfully, our family has been very healthy. Beginning 2020, my Daughter notified us before Covid came into our country that there was something coming that would affect millions of people. That was very hard to process for us until we started to witness it all. I didContinue reading “Surviving 2020 into 2021”

Welcome to my blog…

Home Quarantining Time… Upon hearing about how Covid-19 is affecting the US and updates from my Daughter, Tiffany Pleasent, MD, we immediately moved to self-quarantining ourselves. We had shopped at Costco before it hit hard. I have been a Remote Worker at my full-time job as a Database Architect / Database Administrator for the pastContinue reading “Welcome to my blog…”

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