Surviving 2020 into 2021

So much has happened between 2020 and 2021. Thankfully, our family has been very healthy. Beginning 2020, my Daughter notified us before Covid came into our country that there was something coming that would affect millions of people. That was very hard to process for us until we started to witness it all.

I did not get laid off work because I am a Database Architect and data literally runs the company. I did though graduate with a second masters degree in Information Technology Management after getting my MBA in 2019. So I started doing some volunteering with the Black MBA Association and joined New York Life Insurance Company as an Agent. I did that for 7 months then the contract ended. I have so many irons in the fire that I cannot concentrate on one thing at a time.

Unique Oils has completely weathered the storm. Christmas sales were through the roof then when 2021 came in, it never stopped. Going into April, Unique Oils seems to run itself, I just ship the orders. (ha!) I have been applying what I have learned from my MBA. I have jumped into the fashion world with two websites, Fashion Junky and My Unique Fashions.

I have two volunteer Social Media Manager roles with the National Black MBA Association – Atlanta Chapter and an NFL Football Player – Corey Harris. In the past, upon my arrival to Atlanta, I managed some unknown and known artists social media pages. I have even showed up at their events and started filming then post them out to social media. It kept me very busy and I liked networking and making new friends as well. I have been entering a lot of networking circles lately after becoming a Licensed Life/Health Insurance Agent. I never know what the cards have in the future for me but I am an “Empty Nester” now!

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